Today in the city Sahuarita 23.08.2017
Target is selling a T-shirt for girls that has nothing to do with 'ponies and princesses' — and people love it

The INSIDER Summary: Target is selling a line of science and education-themed shirts for girls. Brand Cat & Jack makes the T-shirt collection, which also highlights subjects like literature and...

When A Short Stint On The Job Hurts Your Career-- And When It Doesn't

How much job tenure matters isn’t a one-dimensional issue. There are cases where a short stint on the job won’t hurt your career and cases where it absolutely matters.

Flamingo Shirt Gives Suspect Away in Shooting

Authorities in Florida say a man was arrested for shooting a woman last month at a nightclub party after he was identified by his distinctive flamingo-print shirt.

Sen. Sherrod Brown On China's Trade Policies

Rachel Martin talks to Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown about some Democrats supporting the Trump administration's decision to launch an investigation into China's intellectual property and trade practices.

Pennsylvania State Treasurer OKs Short-Term Line of Credit

Pennsylvania's state treasurer has authorized a short-term $750 million line of credit to keep the state's general fund from dipping into negative territory.

An iconic shirt Frank Ocean wore in concert has sold thousands for an independent shop, but the idea for it was stolen

Frank Ocean gave a great performance at Panorama Music Festival last Friday, but the resulting discussion around his set has centered not so much on his music — or the fact that filmmaker Spike Jonze...

How to wear a short-sleeved button-down without looking dorky

When you think of a short-sleeved button-down shirt, the first thought that pops into your head is most likely not flattering. Pocket protectors, weird half-tucks, and tent-like fits are probably what...

Italian Interior Designer Carlo Mollino’s World is Explored in A New Short Film by Oscar Humphries and Felipe Sanguinetti

Very little is known about the inner world of Turinese legend Carlo Molino, but a new short film offers a private look into the life of the Italian architect and design enigma.

Tesla's surging stock is crushing short sellers (TSLA)

Tell me if you've heard this before: Tesla short sellers are taking a bath as the company's stock climbs. The company's shares were up 6.8% to $347.96 in pre-market trading, as of 7:57 a.m. ET. That i...

This Is Why Cersei's Hair Is Still So Short On Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans are scratching their heads over one of the character's heads. Namely, Cersei's.After her literal walk of shame in season 5, which involved a very short crop on her usually long, f...

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